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The diamond solitaire ring is a classic favourite. There is no other ring quite like it. It loves to draw the attention of the onlooker. It enjoys being the centre of attraction on a lovely, shining metal band. It is the traditional style ...
Apr 7th 2015 by robertbrown GBR
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Fluorescent lamps or fluorescent tubes are low pressure mercury-vapor gas discharge lamps that use fluorescence to create visible light. An electric current in the gas kindles mercury vapor which generates short-wave ultraviolet light t...
Dec 18th 2014 by andrewsmithuk GBR
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We are aiming to set up a national fundraising campaign for the Yes Campaign 2014 for Scottish Independence, for runners sympathetic to the cause! Our message is meant to add to the positive and forward thinking dimension of the campaign. ...
Feb 1st 2014 by ChrisWhyte11 GBR
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Olen aina vihannut spinnigiä eli ohjattua kuntopyöräilyä. Takapuoli puutuu. Ohjaaja huutaa lisäämään vastusta vaikka sitä on jo ennestään niin paljon, etteivät polkimet meinaa suostua liikahtamaankaan. Aina joku osa kuntopyör...
Oct 9th 2013 by SannaP FIN
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My name is John Gilbert. I am a long distance runner who competes regularly for Kent AC, mainly specialising in cross country and marathon running. In the space of just over a year I was tasked with running 2 marathons, where the emphasis ...
Apr 12th 2013 by RunBlogs GBR
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This is it. The primary focus of the year's running... The product of countless hours of training, the result of a year's worth of training, in fact. The Nottingham 50km Ultra. My first Ultra. My first foray into over-marathon dista...
Oct 11th 2012 by AidACharityRun GBR
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3.27 miles around Damflask Reservoir - the theory being that it was flat. Water Level and all that. I suppose in comparison to the Himalayas it IS flat but "gently undulating" is a better description although that conjures up visions of ro...
May 21st 2012 by lb1cje GBR
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The higher the quality of a diamond, the more expensive it is. So, is there any such thing as a value-for-money diamond? And if there is, what is the best way to find it? Every diamond is evaluated on its 4 essential characteristics s...
Dec 23rd 2014 by christopherlauren GBR
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Last week I had the joy of attending a friends wedding in Edinburgh. Of course in the build up to the big day I was looking forward to seeing old friends, popping on a kilt and celebrating the marriage of two fantastic people. I was also ...
Jul 17th 2014 by paulwadept GBR
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Well it has been an eventful 10 weeks since being diagnosed with tibialis tendonitis but I can finally say I am now injury free, I can finally start to build up now to the training volume I was doing prior to the injury onset. It might ta...
Jan 25th 2014 by JMullen1 GBR
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So it has been almost a month since I switched clubs from Penny Lane Striders to Liverpool Harriers and I have already achieved a new high in my adult running career along with a real low point to end a great run of training and performanc...
Sep 23rd 2013 by Macca GBR
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Whatever 'it' is and no I definitely wasn't. If you'd have seen me when I first got back into running in 2004 then I doubt that 'natural runner' or 'born to run' would spring to mind. For me running felt like I was in a bad dream, no m...
Dec 20th 2012 by sarahleonard GBR Premium
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A very inspiring weekend. Last night was, of course, the spectacular opening ceremony to London 2012 and I thought it was so perfect that young sporting boys and girls, already inspiring leaders in their respective fields of endeavour, wit...
Jul 28th 2012 by martinallen72 GBR
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Thanks to a few requests from our recent usability survey I have started to add ways to avoid using right-clicks. For starters I have added a new button for each row in list pages (see the attached screenshot). A 'regular' click on th...
Feb 12th 2011 by Oziem GBR
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