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First run done

lb1cjeby lb1cjeMay 21st 2012
3.27 miles around Damflask Reservoir - the theory being that it was flat. Water Level and all that. I suppose in comparison to the Himalayas it IS flat but "gently undulating" is a better description although that conjures up visions of rolling meadows rather than paths that haven't been there long enough to become a Trail. Anyway I blazed the trail (or rather staggered along it, with a stride length that a praying mantis could beat. I call it economical amused spectators would call it crippled and search for an ambulance.
In fairness it was my longest run since 13th December 2006, and my first run since 29th October 2011. I got exactly what it said on the tin - Quadriceps that turned to semolina and have since turned to the consistency of toothache. Masochistically however there is a deliciousness to the pain so perhaps I can afford to take it easy at the gym tonight.
For the statistically-minded, OCD runners out there (and yes, I know I am) I completed the run in 53.19.79 without "technically" walking although obviously anybody COULD walk faster if they chose so to do. Luckily they didn't. Dog-walkers looked pitifully at me and Mother Nature bestowed a grey cloudy day on this first foray into my renewed Pedestrianism. I am content with it. I hope to improve as my weight lowers. Lugging 17 stone 10 around would make even Alf Tupper lay off the fish and chips.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 21st 2012 17:44
:o) Good work. Once I'm over the shingles I'll be out for my first run in a while also.
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