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Complete Guide to Buy Second Hand Rings Online
Complete Guide to Buy Second Hand Rings Online
High quality diamond rings come at a hefty price. However, you can bypass the price tag and get a great value-for-money diamond ring. You just have to know what to look for in second hand rings online.

How To Choose The Best Value-For-Money Diamonds When Buying Second Hand Rings Online

christopherlaurenby christopherlaurenDec 23rd 2014
The higher the quality of a diamond, the more expensive it is. So, is there any such thing as a value-for-money diamond? And if there is, what is the best way to find it?

Every diamond is evaluated on its 4 essential characteristics such as cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. You do not have to purchase the best-graded diamond ring that is excellent in all these characteristics. All you have to do is know the right things to to get the best bling for your buck when you look for second hand rings online. The grades described in this article are all according to the GIA grading scales.

Round Brilliant The Most Popular And Best Value For Money
The round brilliant is the most popular cut and it has good reason to be. It enhances the beautiful brilliance and graceful sparkle of the diamond. It makes the natural imperfections in diamonds such as yellow hues invisible to the naked eye.

Colour is one of the things that make a good-value round brilliant diamond. For round brilliant diamonds, colours in the H-I-J grading range offer the best value. Though technically, the colour grades in the D-E-F range are better. They have a perfect colourless look. If it's a platinum or white gold ring, do not go lower than the colour grade J. Else, the stone's colour will stand out and not in a good way. If it's a yellow gold ring, go for a diamond in the K-L-M range. The stone will have a yellow tint which would be quite visible but not too noticeable because the gold ring's colour will accentuate it.

When you are choosing the clarity of a diamond, choose a stone in the VS2 grading. Though there are higher clarity diamonds and they are really cleaner, that level of clarity is indistinguishable to the naked eye. VS2 is clean enough to the naked eye. Same goes with diamonds graded SI2. In fact, rings with S12 graded diamonds are a pretty good bargain for their price.

Diamond cut grade is associated to its brilliance. The better the cut, the more sparkly the diamond. That's what makes it worth the money. Although if you want to save money on cut as well, don't purchase diamond rings that are graded lower than “Good”. They tend to look dull.

Carat Weight
With an increase in carat, the price of a diamond also increases. If you have made up your mind to buy a certain carat value, choose from second hand rings online which have smaller diamonds. You can get a centrepiece that looks almost the same size but costs less.

It's not easy to choose the best value-for-money diamond ring from the sea of options out there. The information in this article is intended to make it easy for you.

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