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Running for Yes!
Running for Yes!
We are a national group of runners dedicated to awareness and fund raising for the 2014 Scottish Independence Campaign

Running for Yes!

ChrisWhyte11by ChrisWhyte11Feb 1st 2014
We are aiming to set up a national fundraising campaign for the Yes Campaign 2014 for Scottish Independence, for runners sympathetic to the cause! Our message is meant to add to the positive and forward thinking dimension of the campaign.

Aim: To raise funds and awareness for the Yes campaign.

How?: By setting a challenge for yourself and advertising the group fundraising page to your friends, family and the public. Anything more than 1p is more than would otherwise go to the campaign, so any amount you can raise is a positive step forward. The challenge can be anything from running once round your local park to a marathon in a kilt!

Experience: None is required, a challenge is a challenge and any level of experience is absolutely welcome!
When: You can choose your challenge anytime between now and the referendum, it’s up to you!

The Page: Currently being set up in conjunction with the Yes Campaign.

If you are interested in joining our group, please feel free to leave us a message expressing an interest in joining! Remember members of any experience (including none) are more than welcome!

The Founders Personal Story: 'My demanding job means I didn't have a lot of time to volunteer for the campaign, so I did the next best thing and stopped running no longer just for fun but also for the cause! I aim to run the Meadows and Edinburgh Marathon in a Yes t-shirt and kilt, and have raised hundreds of pounds so far by myself, just imagine what we can raise as a group!'
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